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welcome and how-to-use

Welcome to my “EV conversion project” documentation!

It describes the conversion of a “conventional” gasoline-powered car to an electric vehicle.

How to navigate through the pages

This “wiki” format document consists of so-called pages hierarchically arranged in a tree. The pages themselves are again hierarchically structured into subchapters.

Please use the index tree at the top left to navigate between the pages. Just click on the name of a page to display it. The title of the page that is currently displayed is highlighted on the navigation tree. When you scroll down a page, the page navigation tree may get out of sight. Therefore, at the bottom of every page, there is a “back to top” link that will scroll the text back and bring the navigation tree back to your screen.

On larger pages, a table of contents will display on the right top of the screen, that helps to navigate within the page.

Within the text, you will also frequently encounter links to other chapters of this wiki, recognizable by their green text color. After following such a link, you will usually best use the “back” function of your browser to return to the original page.

All pictures can be enlarged to ridiculous size when clicked. Please use the “back” button of your browser to return.

If you encounter a “service unavailable” error message, just hit “reload” and try to defeat any inappropriate conclusions about the quality of the web hoster.

If you have comments, feel free to contact me at!


While I have used all efforts in this direction, I do not make any warranties as to the accuracy and safety of the information provided on this website. In no case I shall be liable for any damages whatsoever, arising out or connected with the use of this website. In case you want to re-use given information for your project, you are supposed to know what you are doing and what is in line with the safety standards that apply to your country.

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