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I would like to thank everyone who had to for bearing with my moods and tiredness during the recent two years! Quite some people have in addition shown a lot of interest and appreciation for my project, which was indeed very valuable to me.

Alfred and Hermann, over a few beers, insisted that I should just start the project, when I just could not stop hesitating. In addition, Wolfgang's father generously offered help. Because he was too far away, I finally did not utilize his assistance, but getting this offer was very encouraging for me and so I finally could defeat my reservations and start.

Sabine did not only accept that I had so little time left for her, but also provided me with literature and with a paper pocketbook to motivate me to document my work. Some of the sketches you find in the wiki are from this notebook.

The garage in which I have been working most of the time is a generous present from my father.

Norbert, who can be seen on two pictures, provided energetic and skillful help lifting out the engine and installing the motor.

Marco Lorey from Offenbach, Germany has provided me with most of the basic components. He showed unexhaustible patience answering all my questions and gave me a lot of insight and hints - long before he received the first order from me. Please see his website on !

I also got a lot of hints and advice from Andreas Pfiel and Dominik Jahn from Tuev Austria.

Dimitri, the well known maker of BMS and traction battery computer, immediately analyzed a small cosmetic flaw I had reported to him, gave me detailed repair advice and sent me a recent firmware that fixed the issue.

Axel Förderer from attempted to repair a loudspeaker chassis that I admittedly might have damaged by myself - and finally sent me a replacement unit for free.

Thanks also to two members of the Microchip Microcontroller Discussions Group forum - MBedder and DarioG. They readily had a look at the circuit of my heater control unit and localized an embarrassingd wiring fault that I had made.

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