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Dismantling the base car was perhaps the most disturbing and least appreciable part. The car had been fully functional up to this time and the engine was running fine, so I always had to bear with the feeling of destroying something useful. Up to some “point-of-no-return”, I also kept track of every step of disassembly so that in emergency I would have the possibility to back up to original state.

It takes some time to remove everything that is only dedicated to making the “combustion engine” work, i.e. cables, hoses, tank, fuel pump, air intake, exhaust pipes, catalyzer etc.

Here, the engine itself is about to be removed, together with the gearbox.

For me, the most difficult task was pulling the left halfshaft from its bearing in the gearbox. It required to make a special tool - a crap metal sculpture resembling a shoe horn - to pry it out. On the picture to the right, the tool is already laced in between the gearbox and the inner joint of the halfshaft.

Using a pulley and the generous help of a friend, getting the engine out finally even was fun…

The engine compartment looks much tidier now! A bit “filigrane”, though…

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